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Yalo Media provides various of Cloud Services to provide Software Licencing. Software Licencing is a certificate giving you the legal right to install and use a product, usually over a number of computers. You can op to buy an additional media kit (installation CDs) however most of the time it is not necessary. In most cases, organizations purchase a single media kit and then purchase the number of licenses they require for their computers. Licensing is an enterprise solution for organizations, which have multiple computers, as opposed to full packaged product, which is primarily designed for home users.

Easier management

Licence certificates are under your company account, most often manageable on the manufacturer's website.

Greater Security

Licences are under your company name and contact details, you no longer need to worry about missing or unlicenced software.

Extra support

Some software, such as Symantec Cloud, also include free technical support with their licence program.

Save space

Minimizes the need to store large, boxed physical products. Now you can access your license anywhere from your email and online account.

Cost savings

Licenses are often 50% cheaper than the equivalent full packaged product. Some licenses can be scaled up and down base on your business need.

Simplified upgrades

License programs often provide maintenance for the term of the license, providing free upgrades for the license term, and cheaper upgrades for future renewals.

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